Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Say a prayer for Peter King

Hard to think of anyone in Washington more obnoxious than Long Island Congressman Peter King. With IN THIS TOGETHER's help, a multi-denominational group of religious leaders visited his office yesterday to implore the Congressman to defend the social compact of Social Security, and urge him to oppose privatization. "It's our duty as Christians to take care of the elderly, widows, orphans and persons with disabilities and Mr. King knows that," said Mary Dewar, of the Long Island Council of Churches. "It is this deep moral concern for maintaining and building a compassionate society that brings us together."

King's response as reported today in Newsday?
"God forgive them for they know not what they do. I base my decision on facts, reason and informed social conscious and not left-wing pseudo-theology."

Time to get Congressman King a radio talk show and get him out office, no?

(Read more about the fight to hold New York's elected officials accountable to defend the promise of Social Security at, the WFP's statewide action coalition)


J said...

King is unstable and should resign. It's that simple.


Kevin Commins said...

In 2006 Peter King will follow in the tradition as; D'Amato,Lazio and Grucci.