Tuesday, July 17, 2007

WFP Suffolk Chapter 2007 Endorsements

Here are the 2007 endorsements from the Working Families Party Suffolk Chapter. To get involved in these races, contact Joe Berry at 718-222-3796.
  • County of Suffolk County Executive
    Steve Levy

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 11th Legislative District
    Thomas Francis Barraga

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 12th Legislative District
    John Michael Kennedy Jr.

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 14th Legislative District
    Wayne R. Horsley

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 15th Legislative District
    Elie Mystal

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 16th Legislative District
    Steven H. Stern

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 17th Legislative District
    Louis D'Amaro

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 18th Legislative District
    Jon Cooper

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 1st Legislative District
    No Endorsement aaendli
  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 2nd Legislative District
    Jay H. Schneiderman

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 3rd Legislative District
    Kate M. Browning

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 4th Legislative District
    Brian J. Beedenbender

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 5th Legislative District
    Vivian M. Viloria-Fisher

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 6th Legislative District
    Bryan Lilly

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 7th Legislative District
    No Endorsement aaendli
  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 8th Legislative District
    William Lindsay

  • County of Suffolk County Legislator 9th Legislative District
    Ricardo Montano

  • County of Suffolk District Court Judge 2nd District
    No Endorsement aaendli
  • County of Suffolk District Court Judge 6th District
    William A. DeVore, Chris Ann Kelley

  • County of Suffolk Family Court Judge
    Theresa Whelan

  • Town of Babylon Councilman
    Jacqueline A. Gordon, Ellen T. McVeety

  • Town of Brookhaven Council Member District 1
    No Endorsement aaendli
  • Town of Brookhaven Council Member District 2
    Bill Shilling

  • Town of Brookhaven Council Member District 3
    Kevin L. Hyms

  • Town of Brookhaven Council Member District 4
    Constance M. Kepert

  • Town of Brookhaven Council Member District 5
    Jack N. Fath

  • Town of Brookhaven Council Member District 6
    Edward J. Hennessey

  • Town of Brookhaven Highway Superintendent
    John H. Rouse

  • Town of Brookhaven Receiver of Taxes
    Louis J. Marcoccia

  • Town of Brookhaven Supervisor
    Brian X. Foley

  • Town of East Hampton Councilman
    Bill Gardiner

  • Town of East Hampton Supervisor
    William J. Wilkinson

  • Town of East Hampton Councilman
    Peter J. Hammerle

  • Town of East Hampton Supervisor
    William J. Wilkinson

  • Town of East Hampton Town Justice
    Steven Tekulsky

  • Town of Huntington Councilman
    Susan A. Berland, Glenda D. Adams-Jackson

  • Town of Islip Councilman
    John H. Edwards, Gene Parrington

  • Town of Islip Receiver of Taxes
    Deborah L. Slinkosky

  • Town of Islip Supervisor
    Phil Nolan

  • Town of Riverhead Assesor
    Robert B. Gottschalk Jr.

  • Town of Riverhead Councilman
    George M. Bartunek, Amy L. Csorny

  • Town of Riverhead Highway Superintendent
    George 'Gio' Woodson

  • Town of Riverhead Receiver of Taxes
    Michael K Roth

  • Town of Riverhead Supervisor
    Philip J. Cardinale

  • Town of Riverhead Town Justice
    Robert Lowery

  • Town of Shelter Island Assesor
    Albert F. Hammond

  • Town of Shelter Island Councilman
    Karen K. Moran, Glenn W. Waddington

  • Town of Shelter Island Supervisor
    James Dougherty

  • Town of Smithtown Councilman
    Thomas P. Cleere, Bruce Jay Ettenberg

  • Town of Southampton Councilman
    Sandra L. Dunn, Anna E. Throne-Holst

  • Town of Southampton Receiver of Taxes
    Bruce A. King

  • Town of Southampton Supervisor
    James S. Henry

  • Town of Southampton Town Justice
    Andrea H. Schiavoni

  • Town of Southold Councilman
    William P. Edwards, Daniel C. Ross

  • Town of Southold Supervisor
    No Endorsement aaendli
  • Town of Southold Trustee
    Bob Ghosio Jr.


Anonymous said...

As always, these endorsements, made after screenings held by the Suffolk Working Families ORGANIZATION, not the SUFFOLK COUNTY COMMITTEE OF THE WORKING FAMILIES PARTY, are the subject court challenge.

Those in control of the New York State Working Families Party feel that county committeepeople must not be permitted to screen and select candidates for endorsement. They reserve that power for individuals, not necessarily party registrants, who pay for memberships in the Working Families Organization.

Anonymous said...

In fact, the WFP Suffolk County Committee held its own screenings and granted Wilson Pakulas based on those interviews.

Interestingly enough, the Suffolk WF Organization called candidates prior to those screenings and told them that the State Committee would take them to court if they interviewed before the County Committee.

It's a sad commentary that the State Committee has disenfranchised legitimate county committeemembers in favor of paid operatives of certain unions and special interest groups.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8/3, everyone knows your group, whatever you're calling it these days, is a front for the Suffolk Republicans. And the candidates admit you didn't screen them. So stop playing the concern troll.

Anonymous said...

The Suffolk County Committee of the Working Families Party issued Wilson Pakulas to both Democrats and Republicans.

By the way, have you seen Judge Carol MacKenzie's August 6th decision? The Index Number is 07-21896.

Just how much are you spending on court costs in your attempt to deny registered party members their right to form county committees? How are you paying the attorneys? Are you using the fee you collect from dupes who apparently think they have to pay to participate in the political process?

Anonymous said...

Election law does not require screenings as a condition of issuing Wilson Pakula authorizations.

The Suffolk County Committee of the Working Families Party is very familiar with both incumbents and challengers because they are the people we interact with on a daily basis, both professionally and socially. Thus it has no need to conduct dog and pony show screenings.

Your sham Suffolk County Working Families Organization, made up of low-level paid union staff and flunkies from the Brooklyn office have no acquaintance with incumbents, challengers, or anyone else. Thus, they and Dan Cantor have to resort to threatening candidates with lawsuits should they choose to attend functions, including screenings, of the duly constituted Suffolk County Committee of the Working Families Party.

I, too, am curious to hear your comments on Judge Mackenzie's ruling.

It would also be interesting to hear the rationale behind the Suffolk County Working Families Organization's endoresement of Steve Levy after all those months of criticism of him (by Schneck, Lynch, and the other lesser lights at the direction of Cantor) for his incredibly popular stand on illegal immigration.

Anonymous said...


INDEX No: 07-21896

Justice of the Supreme Court




"... the existence of competing Certficates of Authorization and the petitioners attempt to invalidate the earlier County Certificate breathes life into respondents' argument that petitioners are, in reality, challenging the by-laws and not the County Certificate and it is undisputed the time to challenge those by-laws has long since expired."

Anonymous said...

Of course you're familiar with all the Republicans you've endorsed - they're funding every move you make! But it is good to see you admit you didn't interview any candidates. And that you're taking payoffs from the Republican Party to pay your attorneys. And that your "county committee" is just you, Chuck Pohanka and 3 of your friends meeting in the basement of Republican Party HQ.

Your support for anti-immigrant legislation in Suffolk shows the lie behind you words. That's why the WFP (that's the real WFP - not you fakers) beat you.

Just like you'll get beat over your fake endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Who said candidates weren't interviewed? Could it be the folks you threatened? Funny, they all laughed about your threats when they came to screen. Don't your photos show that? Hmmm ... if that wasn't your guy taking photos out in the parking lot, it must have been Page Six.

As for getting beat, try reading Judge Mackenzie's decision -- or doesn't Cantor let you read?

Anonymous said...

Dude, time to go back on the meds. You already admitted you didn't screen candidates because - in your own words - they're all your friends.

As for the rest of the paranoia - don't flatter yourself.

terri scofield said...

I'll use my real name, because I never speak anything but the truth:
I was one of the founding members of the Suffolk WFP, the Long Island Progressive Coalition's delegate to the Suffolk WFP effort. From 1998 to 2002 it was 8 unions ("labor")and me ("community") and I watched Pohanka and his ilk abuse the trust and resources of those they purported to represent by consistently selling out and making deals that resulted in the WFP line becoming nothing more than a 3rd party whore line for sale.
I did ask the state committee for assistance and was told "You're an organizer - out-organize them". A single mother, and the only one involved with a REAL job (not a gov't job bought with endorsements or a union job with the freedom to take time off to booze it up on WFP dues money) I walked away, knowing time would prove me right and the state would eventually have to spend a good deal of money on lawyers to clean up the mess that would have been much less expensive to clean up had they listened to me the first time I warned them.
I had a visit not long ago from WFP's bright and energetic Suffolk organizer, Joe Berry, who hinted that the Court of Appeals decision expected to come down this month (Feb)would favor the state committee, and go a long way toward restoring the credibility and integrity of the WFP in Suffolk County.
I sincerely hope that is the case. We will have much scut-work to do, and it won't be easy... rebuilding and repairing is always much more labor-intensive than the initial organizing effort.
I am willing to work hard at it, but will brook no petty battles over past wrongs, real or perceived.
Pohanka and his fellow snakes have been exposed, and therefore marginalized; let's now move forward, and clean this mess up!
There are thousands of potential new members out there, just waiting to be recruited, educated, trained and groomed. Working hard, and working together, we can cultivate candidates we can be proud of, raise issue no one else is raising, and engage many who are currently too disgusted and tired to be involved. Let's get out there and DO IT!!!
The harder we work, the quicker we'll forget the past.
Terri Scofield