Thursday, March 31, 2005

Barbara Smith of Arbor Hill

Today's Times Union covers the campaign announcement of Barbara Smith, who is running to represent the 4th District in Albany's Common Council.

No one worked harder or smarter to help David Soares win his campaign for D.A. than Prof. Smith. It's hard to imagine anyone who cares more about her community than Prof. Smith. She is a passionate and hard-headed advocate for children,, working families, civil rights and quality of life in he rneighborhood.

Folks who know something about Albany politics say that Arbor Hill and the Common Council would benefit immensely by having an independent voice represent that neighborhood.

Election Day is still a long way off, but this is VERY EXCITING NEWS.


While Barbara Smith has not been officially endorsed by the WFP, you may find this information useful:

Friends of Barbara Smith
c/o Sue Lynn Miller
61 Lawn Avenue
Albany, NY 12204


Blair Goodman said...

You go Barbara! I smell another victory in the offing.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Smith is a fraud, she claims to have created a neighborhood watch in her area of Arbor Hill, that's a lie. She claims to have established a neighborhood beautification in her area of Arbor Hill, that's a lie. She claims to have so much compassion for her neighbors and neighborhood, yet she called CPS on one of her neighbors 3 (THREE TIMES). She does not walk in her own neighborhood to get to know her neighbors, yet she wants to represent them.....that is quite troubling.......Ms. Smith is simply a puppet for the the party who is backing her....Perhaps she should spend more time getting to know the people who are directly surrounding her and then branch out to surrounding areas. Arbor Hill is not Center Square.

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Beverly Padgett said...

I don't know who anonymous is and how they can be so blind. Barbara Smith is a good person and does know the community. Yes, she did found the Arbor Hill Neighborhood Association, because everyone else in the community was scared to form one, and I am the secretary of the association. I personally encouraged her to run for the seat on the council because I was s o sick and tired of the neighborhood being neglected. I have been a resident in this community for over 30 years and all I saw was devastation. If CPS was called on a neighbor than they must have deserved it. Who ever anonymous is was clearly talking about the other candidate and needs to think outside the box. Proud to be representated by Barbara Smith.
Beverly Padgett