Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Rudy and Bernie: It Begins to Make Sense

After absorbing Ben Smith's must-read tour de force examination of Rudy Giuliani's personal finances, it becomes clearer why the former Mayor was so willing to vouch for Bernie Kerik's nomination to be Homeland Security. While it would be hard for anyone to top Kerik's bid for most ethically-challenged former member of the Giuliani administration, one has to give the G-Man himself credit for trying.

Viewed through the optical lens of someone who made $80,000 off a Tsunami relief fundraiser, just for example, one can see why things like the WTC pied-a-terre may have just looked like a shrewd real estate transaction.

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Pete Sikora said...

The Observer piece is a great expose... maybe the reason Rudy tolerates, nay wallows, in all this filth is more than just that he isn't running for office... maybe it's just that he's a scumbag when it comes to personal morality.