Friday, March 25, 2005

Quote of the Day: Talking Transit

One of today's Times editorials discusses new sources of revenue to fund capital transportation projects statewide, and offers some specific ideas for new revenue sources:

"Right now, New York's lawmakers are haggling about how much of the $106-billion-plus budget should go for transportation... The real fight, of course, is who should pay. An additional source of revenue must be found, and the choice should be based on what is fair, not who has the most high-powered lobbyist. Some of the more reasonable options are a tax on new cars, a motor vehicle registration tax or a surcharge on real estate transfer taxes for sales of properties over $1 million."
Of course new revenue is needed. Are these the right choices?

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Anonymous said...

they should all be used, we really need the money. I think if we tripled our capital investments into mass trans it would still not be enough.

heres one that would add to quality of life too. Ban all private cars south of 96th st. Then, charge the taxis, delivery trucks, and other essentials for a license to enter the zone. Of course, city vehicles and busses can still go wherever. Imagine a quiet, bikable, cleaner, downtown. And use the money to fix any gaps there might be in the public trasit system,

kind of like what london did, except even more intense.

Blair Goodman said...

A surcharge on real estate transfer taxes for sales of properties over $1 million is a great idea. Can this be enacted on a county level?