Monday, February 27, 2006

Don't forget to cast a health care vote tomorrow

Tomorrow's the day of the special election and coverage of the race is sparse: a smattering of blog posts and this article from WNYC on Rosenthal's race.

Linda Rosenthal in Assembly District 67 (Upper West Side of Manhattan) and Sylvia Friedman in Assembly District 74 (Lower part of the East Side of Manhattan) have both been endorsed by the Working Families Party. A vote on the Working Families Party line - Row E - sends the message that you want better health care in New York.

You can see if you're in one of those two districts here and find your polling place here. It's worth a five minute break in the day to cast a vote on Row E that tells Albany we need health care reform now, so take the time to vote!

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Harry Matthews said...

Your link to WNYC suggests that the station aired a story boosting Rosenthal's campaign. In fact, as anyone who followed the link discovered, it was a well-reported piece about all the candidates in the race. Alas, it cast limited light on the highly questionable process (which distressed Rosenthal but not Jerry Nadler) by which candidates won a spot on the ballot.

If you really want to reform the political system, you've got to foreswear the "annointed candidate" system for special elections.