Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vote Row E on February 28th

If we're going to fix our health care system, we need legislators to know that's what we're electing them to do. That's why the Working Families Party is endorsing Linda Rosenthal in Assembly District 67 (Upper West Side of Manhattan) and Sylvia Friedman in Assembly District 74 (Lower part of the East Side of Manhattan) and urging everyone to vote for them on the Working Families Party ballot line, Row E.

The special election is this coming Tuesday, February 28th, and the polls are open from 6am to 9pm. Take a second to find out which legislative district you're in and to find your polling place.

Both candidates are running on both the Working Families Party line (Row E) and the Democratic Party line. Voting for Rosenthal and Friedman on either line gets them elected, but voting for them on the Working Families Party line sends the message that you want the Assembly to make sure people who work for a living have health care. We've got more here.

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