Friday, February 17, 2006

Special Opportunities

Upcoming special elections offer the first opportunity to send a message to Albany that New Yorkers want HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW.

Voting for Assembly candidates Sylvia Friedman (Lower part of the East Side of Manhattan) and Linda Rosenthal (Upper West Side of Manhattan) on ROW E, the Working Families Party line, is way of saying it's time to hold large corporations accountable for providing health care for their employees.

Read more about Sylvia Friedman in this week's Downtown Express.

And check out Linda Rosenthal's web site.

Both Linda and Sylvia are great candidates -- and voting for them on Row E on Tuesday, February 28, is a way to make your vote count twice: once for the candidate and once for HEALTH CARE REFORM NOW.

More on Long Island candidates next week.

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