Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Fair Share: Common Decency

WFP Executive Director Dan Cantor spoke with the Politicker blog on Friday in an "IM Interview."

Dan highlighted the WFP's Fair Share for Health Care campaign as a top party priority in 2006:

benobserver: First of all, where is the WFP going to be putting its resources this year?
Cantor: We want to make sure that they provide decent health benefits for their employees. Nothing fancy, just common decency.

We all know that soaring health care costs are driving many otherwise responsible employers to push more of those costs onto the shoulders of working families. And low-road employers increase the pressure by tilting the playing field.

But it was still appalling to read about Macy's big Sunday ad this past weekend. For their President's Day sale? No. For "replacement workers."

Macy's workers are resisting an effort by the retail giant to make employees pay a majority of their health care premiums (which, incidentally would have the primary effect of driving more workers into public insurance programs).

And in exchange, Macy's advertises for scabs.

Dan's right. It's time to restore a little common decency.

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When I went to cast my vote, the
"Fair share for health Care Act" was already checked, giving me the impression that WF was already infavor with the name. Most people went along.
We also need affordable,DECENT,PUBLIC HOUSING.

Steve Perez said...

Hey Michael, Seriously - feel free to vote for whichever bill name you want or to write your own bill name in. Almost 600 people have voted, with "Fair Share for Health Care Act" slightly ahead of "Health Care Security Act."