Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Canvassing in Schenectady and Long Island for Family Leave

Good family values come with devoting time with children. Give mothers (and fathers) a break and allow them the time to spend with their children, especially during their developmental age. Don't break their hearts by making them choose between motherhood and career. Give them better options and benefits!!
- Manisha in New York state

Parents and other caretakers "deserve" that special paid time off to be with their newborns and other family members that have special needs.
- Elizabeth in Rosedale

Time to honor women in a more substantial way than token cards and flowers. Paid time off will allow more mothers a chance to get their babies off to a good start in life.
- Sheila in Ithaca

We need to provide better support to working parents!
- Julie in Hawthorne
The Working Families Party canvassed in Schenectady last week, talking to State Senator Hugh Farley's constituents about Family Leave Insurance. Now we're getting ready to head out to Long Island. And support from all over the state is still pouring in online. We'll take the letters we collect at the door and signatures we collect online with us as we lobby in Albany to tell the stories of working families who want parents of newborns (or newly adopted children) and adults with ailing relatives to get paid time off.

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