Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How Will You Care For Your Parents?

As a grandparent of babies and a caregiver to my elderly mother, I am in the middle of the family crunch. I am the one who gives the help and does the paperwork as well as earns the money. Legislators must first consider working families otherwise the economy takes a dive.
- Barbara in Mount Kisco

As a person caring for a parent with Alzheimer's, I know how conflicting it can be to have to choose between work and the immediate needs of a family member.
- Dennis in Syracuse

My partner and I could have really used paid time off to care for our son when he was born. Now that both sets of our parents are in poor health, we could use paid time off to care for them while balancing parenting responsibilities.
- Stuart in the Bronx

It's time to make family values mean something. We need to be able to take care of each other.
- Gail in Slingerlands
People usually think of Family Leave Insurance as a policy that helps new parents care for their children, and it does. But it also helps working families care for ailing parents. What do you say to someone being forced to choose between caring for a parent with Alzheimer's and working?

No one should have to make that choice. We believe in a society where working families take care of each other. We believe in a society where adult children can care for their parents.

We are strongest when we stand together and share benefits and responsibilities.

Stand with us for Family Leave Insurance - sign the card today!


Kathy NC said...

I am the primary caregiver for my 78 year old Dad who has Alzheimer's Disease and lives with me in NC.

I work full time and barely make enough to pay for Dad's care.

I am writing a blog that shows the lighter side of caregiving, and offers tips for caregivers.

Please pass this link along to anyone you think may enjoy it.


Thank you for bringing this issue to your blog. We should not be forced to give up our lives and our future financial security in order to do the right thing for our parents!


Steve Perez said...

Thanks for sharing your story Kathy.

If you haven't looked at it yet, Kathy's blog is well worth reading.