Thursday, May 10, 2007

House Vote Today on Iraq

The House plan to keep Bush on a short leash is dividing Congressional Republicans:
The White House acknowledged public frustration with the Iraq war but tried to play down Republican anxieties
. . .
The White House confirmed that Bush held an unannounced meeting this week with House Republican moderates who expressed deepening concerns about the war. Several participants described a remarkably blunt discussion in which lawmakers told the president the war was unsustainable without public support, and was having a corrosive effect on GOP political fortunes.

Presidential spokesman Tony Snow refused to discuss details of the meeting but said, "Of course there are frustrations."
Bush, however, still refuses to change course:
The White House threatened on Wednesday to veto a proposed House bill that would pay for the Iraq war only through July
. . .
The warnings came as Gates also told reporters that his evaluation of force levels in Iraq in September will not lead to a rapid troop withdrawal, and that at least some U.S. forces are likely to be in Iraq for a protracted period of time.
But House Democrats aren't backing down:

The bill is hotly contested by the White House, opposed by nearly all Republicans and unlikely to survive in the Senate. But House Democratic leaders say the measure shows they refuse to back down in challenging President Bush on a deeply unpopular and costly war.

"The president refuses to listen to the American people who want this war to end," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California, said.

We agree. But if House Democrats want to end the war, a better strategy is to pass a funding bill that uses the power of the purse to limit the use of funds to protecting our troops' safety and bringing them home. That's the solution favored by the Working Families Party and the American people.

Tell your U.S. Representative to do just that and bring them home.

Then vote on what you think will happen:

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