Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2000 New Yorkers for Paid Family Leave

Choosing between caring for my great grandmother when she broke her hip or teaching to support my 3yr old son, teenage sister, when our mother died of AIDS was devastating. I was the sole provider, the first to have a degree in my family, and her only chance because her daughter had already died of an anurism. I couldn't stay at home with Granny. She died.
- Marion in New York City

As an aspiring Veterinarian married to a teacher I am currently working 2 jobs, one in an animal hospital and another as a waiter, just to make ends meet. We have a mortgage and all the financial responsibility that comes along with life. Children are something we want, but might not be able to afford. To say that is pretty sad. To have paid time off to care for a new child would certainly help that situation.
- Jason in Haverstraw

As a pediatrician, I know the importance of parents having this time to bond with and care for their children. It is equally important to not have to worry about income during this already financially taxing time.
- Nadia in New York City

Giving workers who are parents time to be good parents is truly the way to support Families. The Time to Care Act is the way to vote for Family Values.
- Maeve in Rochester
These powerful stories show the need the Working Families Time to Care Act. But for all the talk, the bill still hasn't passed. As legislators in Albany decide whether they will give paid time off to parents of newborns (or newly adopted children) and adults who need time to care for ailing relatives, more than 1950 people have shown their support for passing the bill now by signing our card with a message. Will we get to 2000 signatures?

Show your support and sign the card today!

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