Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Employee Free Choice Act Filibustered by Senate Republicans

Latest from the Senate floor: Senate Republicans have carried out their threat to filibuster the Employee Free Choice Act. The Senate held what's called a cloture vote to stop the Republican filibuster; 51 Senators voted for the bill - enough to pass the bill in a regular vote, but not enough to end the filibuster.

Both of New York's Senators voted for the Employee Free Choice Act. But that's not enough to overcome opposition from Republicans to a bill that would restore the freedom of American workers to join unions. Workers routinely face intimidation from employers when they try to form a union. In 25 percent of organizing campaigns, private-sector employers illegally fire workers because they want to form a union. Listen to YouTube clips of workers talking about their experiences trying to form a union in their workplace at the AFL-CIO blog.

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