Friday, June 08, 2007

Time To Stand Up For Real Family Values

"As a young woman currently on unpaid Family and Medical Leave, now in California tending to my terminally ill mother, I have direct and first-hand knowledge of how devastating this transition of being both in family crisis and jobless can be. This is the type of situation that is a part of life, and cannot be planed for. I urge this legislation to be passed swiftly; our families need us."
-- Afua in New York

"Thousands of New Yorkers are continuing to suffer from the dilemma of losing their job and support of their families, or allowing sick family members to suffer. Pass this legislation NOW!"
-- Edward in Staten Island

"Every employee should have the right to attend to his/her family when needed most. If that time is lost, it may never be regained."
-- Vanessa in Brooklyn

"This is about basic respect and human rights. It's time for those who claim to espouse family values to stand up for real family values."
-- Anthony in Broadalbin
All across the state, New Yorkers are speaking out about the need for Paid Family Leave. Sharing stories of their struggles, they are making it clear that legislation must be passed -and passed now.

The Working Families Time to Care Act would provide hard working New Yorkers with paid family leave up to 12 weeks a year, allowing them to take time to care for newborns, newly adopted children, or sick family members. As more and more households rely on both parents working, it is time for New York to join with California and Washington in providing paid leave to support families in their most crucial moments. Beyond helping families, the Time to Care Act would also strengthen productivity and morale in the workplace, providing critical support to all New Yorkers.

Our efforts have won us the support of Governor Spitzer and the Assembly, but there is still gridlock to overcome. We need your help to keep the momentum growing.

Want to show your support? Tell your state legislators that it's time to stand up for real family values.

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