Friday, June 01, 2007

Momentum Builds For Paid Family Leave

[T]he Working Families Time to Care Act is an idea whose time has come.
- Bill Hammond, Daily News
The paid leave bill was a top legislative priority for the labor-backed Working Families Party, a rising third party that was one of the first groups to have endorsed Mr. Spitzer's candidacy for governor.
[Gov. Spitzer] quickly embraced organized labor and its muscular agent, the Working Families Party, which is behind the paid-leave bill.
Gov. Spitzer is now sponsoring paid family leave legislation, which is the WFP's top priority this year. . . From what I hear, though, he's making a "heavy-duty, behind-the-scenes push" to get this done.
We're getting noticed. Momentum is building. You can feel it in Albany. That's because the Working Families Party is championing a simple truth:
It's time to give paid time off to parents of newborns (or newly adopted children) and adults who need time to care for ailing relatives.
More than 1700 people have signed our card with a message to show their support for the Working Families Time to Care Act. That's a solid beginning, and it's getting noticed in Albany.

Are you one of the 1719 signatures on the card? If you haven't signed yet then don't wait - sign today and tell a friend!

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