Thursday, March 08, 2007

Grandstanding in Suffolk

The Suffolk Working Families Chapter sent this letter to Suffolk County Legislator Jack Eddington today by fax (631-854-1403) and email (
The Hon. Jack Eddington
90 W. Main St - Suite 2N
Patchogue, NY 11772

Dear Legislator Eddington:

We write to register our strong opposition to Intro. Res. No. 1022-2007, the so-called anti-soliciting bill. This legislation is the worst kind of political grandstanding: it exploits anti-immigrant animus while accomplishing exactly nothing of value.

The net effects of Res No. 1022 would be to (1) move day laborers from county highways to local roads, (2) score political points for its proponents with rabid nativists, (3) hurt organized labor's ability to hold collective job actions, and (4) possibly infringe on the civil liberties of New Yorkers engaged in grassroots political activity.

The congregation of day laborers raises real problems. Your bill solves none of them. Constructive solutions like regulated work centers would.

As leaders of the political party to which you belong, we are particularly galled that your legislation is now being associated with Working Families.

Your quotations in the New York Times leave no secret of the bill's aim:
Eddington . . . told reporters that the problems of rising taxes and illegal immigration were "two sides of the same coin," and warned illegal immigrants, "You better beware." "If you're here in Suffolk County illegally, you will not stay here," Mr. Eddington said. "If you are on the street looking for work and causing unsafe conditions, you will not stay. Suffolk County residents will not be victimized anymore."
Your terrorizing rhetoric is embarrassing. There are many victims of our nation's inadequate immigration policies, as well as the failure of government to enforce labor laws. But congratulations to you for joining the ranks of the perpetrators.

Unless you withdraw Res. No. 1022-2007, it is very unlikely that you will receive the endorsement of Working Families' Suffolk chapter for your 2007 re-election bid.


Brian Schneck, Co-Chair
Suffolk County Chapter of the Working Families Party
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Anonymous said...

Jack Eddington a Suffolk County Legislature in the 7th district on Long Island, New York has not payed his back taxes and utilities.

This is all a matter of public record and I am wondering why Newsday has not looked into this and why Jack is hurting the hardworking law abiding taxpayer who has voted for him.

Another source of frustration is Jack and his wife Pat supporting anti illegal immigration laws when he himself uses illegal immigrants on his property to clean and landscape his yard.

Anonymous said...

Granstanding or not- Eddington's proposal comes as a life preserver to the REAL working families of New York. Real working families do not like supporting people who are breaking the law simply by being in this country. We CANNOT afford to pay for their medical care, anchor babies, drug treatments, education and the myriad of other bills we are presented with.

If eliminating the possibility of illegal immigrants congesting our roadsides helps deter more of them from illegally living in our areas then the bill is a welcome addition.

I am tired of driving through our neigborhoods trying to avoid running over the men who run into the street as trucks approach. It is dangerous for all. I cannot go onto the streets in my town before noon as they are all lined up on the streets. This needs to end.
Hiring halls will only promote mor illegals to come to the area and hide the fact that these illegal aliens are here.

I am having trouble making my own ends meet. I cannot afford to help someone who breaks the law. I can't go to a hospital and receive treatment without paying- without expecting someone to eventually hand me a bill but if I "NO hablo ingles" I could.

REAL working families cannot afford to have illegals here and welcome ANY help in sending them home and keeping our commnunities safe.

Steve Perez said...

Illegal immigrants pay more in taxes than they use in services, but why let facts get in the way of pandering.

Anonymous said...

Illegals who get paid cash on the side of the road pay taxes .... really? How? By osmosis?

I am tired of footing the bill for people who are sucking this country dry. Ther are many US citizens who cannot get benefits in their time of need but the illegals don't have a problem!

If this bill helps American citizens be safer on the road and not have to avoid certain road routes for fear of running over illegals in the streets then it should be enacted.

Medford Crime Watch said...

As Program Administrator for the Medford Crime Watch I just one of thousands that are aware of the challenges that are facing our town.

Jack Eddington has been tireless and diligent in helping our town in a myriad of ways. Legislator Eddington does not stop to check the race, religion or gender before jumping in to help his Constituents. It's clear he is working for us all. He has been a contributing member to our community for many, many years and understand our needs.

Please, we need your support. We need to see resolution IR 1002 come to a full vote and pass. Please give us this important tool to help us make our roads safer and increase our quality of life!!

In uncertain terms, Jack Eddington has our support!

Steve Perez said...

Please, drop your bogus argument that Eddington's bill is about "road safety" - all the bill says about road safety is that jaywalking is (still) a crime.

What the bill will do is make it illegal for union members to protest on public roads.

And don't try and say Eddington isn't targeting people based on race - he's said straight out that's just what he's doing.

Oh, and everyone pays sales taxes, which is the only tax illegal immigrants would pay. Since they make so little money, they don't owe income tax, though I expect you'll be arguing that poor people should be paying more in taxes soon enough.