Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Suffolk Votes on Anti-Immigrant Bill

Debate has started in the Suffolk County Legislature on proposed anti-immigrant legislation, with a vote scheduled for tonight. Last Thursday, the Suffolk County Legislature's Public Safety committee voted 4-3 to advance the bill out of committee.

Working Families oppose this bill, and, in addition to our grassroots organizing against it, we've gone into the field with a robocall in the districts of four swing legislators. Our robocall calls the bill what it is - meaningless political grandstanding that won't help workers and won't help our communities. The robocall ends with the option for people to call their county legislator.

More on this as it develops.

Update: We won! Only six votes for the anti-immigrant bill, they needed 10. More in the morning, but I wanted to share the good news.

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antiwfpjournal.blogspot.com said...

Im really sorry to say this BUT while I share many of your goals (pro immigration, civil rights and justice, against anti-abstinence education, criminal justice and sentencing reform, presevering the estate tax for those super millions,etc support ingpublic citizen.)

I know that the Working Families Party has a lot of TRUTH Fact checking to do

Of course this post will be taken down soon, becuase nobody wants to face criticsm, but as a new yorker and citizen involved in the democratic process, I have started the
Its A democracy after all.


I need new yorkers to be informed that neither right-wing missippi policies or John Lindsay style government (working families party) will work in new york city.

In fact due to the progressive tax new york and new jersey lost $50 BILLION dollars to the federal governmnet who in turns spend to states who dont care for the poor and working class.

Of course the Working Families Party wont tell you that.

antiwfpjournal.blogspot.com said...

$50 billion in 2004 online, times that 10 years anyone?

If course Ill post why soon. When the wfp decides to close democracy on its forums.