Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Two More Nassau Election Wins

There were two special elections in Nassau County yesterday, one for State Assembly to fill Tom DiNapoli's seat and one for County Legislature to fill Craig Johnson's seat.

The Working Families-endorsed candidate won both races, and the WFP was the biggest third party in each race.

Here are the results:

Assembly District 16
Candidate NamePartyResultsCandidate Total
Michelle SchimelD4,735
Michelle SchimelI243
Michelle SchimelW4065,384
Ryan D DeCiccoR899899

County Legislator District 11
Candidate NamePartyResultsCandidate Total
Wayne WinkD2,539
Wayne WinkI135
Wayne WinkW1982,872
Louis F ChisariR513
Louis F ChisariC86599

Congratulations to our two new elected officials, the Nassau County Working Families Chapter, and everyone else who worked hard on these campaigns!

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