Tuesday, March 13, 2007

House Dem's Supplemental Made Public

Talking Points Memo has posted the House Democrats' Leadership Bill for the supplemental budget. The short version is it includes a deadline for bringing the troops home, but doesn't have the teeth to make it stick. From TPM:
House leaders will argue that the bill does do its job, because it declares the war illegal beyond a certain date. But liberal House sources say this removed language was critical in ending the war in practice, because it would enforce the war's end with the power of the purse rather than requiring a trip to court to force an end to the war should Bush insist on keeping it going in defiance of the legislation.
If this is the best the House is willing to pass right now, it's not enough. We need to keep pushing, and they need to do better. It's past time for Congress to limit the use of funds to protecting our troops' safety and bringing them home now.

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