Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mayor Bloomberg, Please Listen

Mayor Bloomberg was busy this weekend responding to frustrated parents who want a say in their kid's education and the city's latest school reorganization. From the New York Times:
The Bloomberg administration has been battered with criticism over its handling of the schools in recent weeks, from parents irate over midyear changes to school bus routes and from a coalition of elected officials and parent and community groups who say they were not sufficiently consulted about plans to further restructure the school system.
We're already making progress in bringing the Mayor to the table. From the Daily News:
Since he was reelected in 2005, Bloomberg has had few Sunday events other than parades. For a mayor who has staked much of his legacy on turning around city schools, his appearance at New Jerusalem and Mount Moriah AME Church in St. Albans came after a rough week.

Last week, more than 1,000 parents and activists rallied against the Education Department's reorganization plans and complained their opinions are being ignored.
And even Chancellor Klein is finding it harder to downplay parents' concerns. From a Daily News interview with the Chancellor:
[Klein:] "That said, I know we need to do a better job. Many parents have completely legitimate concerns, and we need to hear those more clearly. I want someone to be able to report directly to me so that if parents believe something isn't working, we hear it and respond to it at the highest levels."
But parents won't be satisfied until we're heard. From the New York Post:
[Bloomberg's] comments about reforming the schools were met with lukewarm applause.
And we need to keep speaking out, or else we won't get a say. From NY1:
So despite whatever confusion there might be, this reorganization plan is moving ahead full steam with schools expected to choose within the next two months their path for September.
The public wants a say in what goes on in New York City schools, and we'll continue to mobilize until we're heard. Parents are ready to talk. Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein, please listen.

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