Friday, April 15, 2005

Credit Card Issuer Defense Act of 2005

This is not good news. The bankruptcy "reform" bill passed the House yesterday. Some very disappointing votes among the New York House delegation. See them at

Want to know why this bill is SO BAD? Good story at

And this was especially disappointing: One New York City Democrat whipping votes to ensure passage.


Pete Sikora said...

That is fucking revolting.

Anonymous said...

absolutely disgusting

but what can we DO?

I read shit like this and I just sigh...

free speech zone? said...

write your rep. If they voted "no", thank them profusely. If they voted "yes" write them and tell them you are not going to vote for them again or are seriously questioning your support of them. In the WNY area, Higgins and Reynolds (obviously) voted "yes". Slaughter, one of the few good ones left, voted "no".

That will help, but it is not nearly enough to change the tide that is swallowing the shores of our nation and world. What is bringing our country into a larger version of South Africa pre 1990's (a few rich whites at the top and everyone else really poor) is that we compound our natural tendency for competition with a non-regulated competitive system (capitalism). This combination of forces provides for exponential growth of the rich and fall of the poor. It will not stop until it collapses on itself (not so far off, possibly) or if people stop consuming from businesses that put the "rugged individual with privelege" ahead of the "rugged individuals w/o" .

In an age where the media refuses to air progressive news and the Internet is making letters to our reps, at times, meaningless, our only option is complete boycott of businesses, such as credit card companies, auto financing companies, Walmart and Walmart lites, companies that refuse unions, that refuse to offer healthcare, that use sheltered workshops in the US or sweatshops abroad (GAP and its subsidiaries...Old Navy, Disney and its subsidiaries, Time Warner and the 1/4 of the world it owns, Mobil, Exxon, etc.). Only through loss of profit will these guys relent to regulation and socialized healthcare, day care, education, prisons and human services, and universal housing and fair employment practices.

When we change how we purchase (local, organic, unionized, progressive, living wage institutions), we can change this corporate welfare world.

Anonymous said...

great, capitalism sucks, I know that already.

Meanwhile, writing my rep (Menendez from NJ) isn't going to do me any damn good, hes about to be promoted to senator unless unenough white people balk at his hispanic last name.

even if he loses, he'll be back to his feifdom where he gets 85% of the vote.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to bow to your corporate masters, but it's quite another to whore yourself so thoroughly that you actually WHIP votes to ensure this bill's passage. What the hell was he thinking?