Sunday, April 17, 2005

George Pataki Used to be a Pretty Smart Guy

This is crazy. According to a Michael Cooper story in Saturday's Times, Gov. Pataki drew a comparison between former State AG Dennis Vacco and current AG Eliot Spitzer, with Vacco being superior because under his regime there were no "overly aggressive investigations" that threatened people's retirement income.

Pataki used to be a pretty smart guy (evil, but smart). Now he's just a suck-up to the Wall Street Journal editorial page and the Republican wing of the Republican party.

Arguing that Eliot Spitzer, through his successful investigations of Wall Street brokerages, the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry, has threatened retirement security? Give us a break!

Eliot Spitzer has done more to try to restore the integrity of the marketplace than any other elected official in the United States. And it's only a marketplace with integrity that can reduce the risk of pension investments and thus enhance retirement security.

Pataki and his crowd are going to have to do better than that.

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