Friday, April 15, 2005

"The Voice of the Growing Centrist Movement"

Kevin Sheekey: Mike for Mayor's campaign manager: "The Independence Party is the voice of the growing centrist movement in New York politics, which is why centrist Democrats like Senator Schumer, Attorney General Spitzer, and Council Education Chair Eva Moskowitz have taken that line in recent years."

Sheekey was responding to this exchange on NY1:
Dominic Carter: According to a 1995 Anti-Defamation League report this is what you they quote you as saying about Jews. Jews had to quote "sell their souls to acquire Israel and are required to do the dirtiest work of capitalism – to function as mass murderers of people of color – in order to keep it." Did you make that comment? Did you write that?

Lenora Fulani: Well, a couple of things. One is so many of these quotes have been quotes that have been in plays that Dr. Fred Newman has written in exploring some very important issues having to do with the conflicts that people on the left and people on the right have been in relative to Israel. I actually don't remember the particular quote. It’s one that comes up from time to time. One of the things I've always wanted to ask, what is anti-Semitic about it? Basically what it comes down to is a dialogue that's been going on in this country and in the world on the left by many people including progressive Jews about the role of Israel in the Middle East.
Uh, Kevin, the center of what?

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't try to really analyze Fulani or her politics. Her group, like Lyndon LaRouche, is one of these quasi-political cults. That they have grabbed a hold of a ballot line is pretty disturbing, that Mike would cynically use them is even more disturbing.

I dont like the characterization of her and similar groups as "leftists." Its not left to be totally insane or to support Bloomberg. I hope the WFP doesn't get dragged into red-baiting Fulani like everyone else.

free speech zone? said...

red-baiting, I agree, anonymous. Where is your morning blog today on the Bankruptcy Reform Bill that just passed in Congress yesterday, and the list of house reps who voted "yes" to corporate welfare and no to working families, including those the WFP endorses, including my very own rep. in WNY, Brian Higgins? This is the outrage of the morning!

JW Mason said...

Where did Alex characterize them as leftists? Our take on Fulani would be the same as the anoynmous commenter's: a cult with no coherent political position. No red-baiting here.

Anonymous said...

i wasn't accusing ya'll of redbaiting, I just wanted to comment that we should not let the media et al caste Fulani and her "politics" as being leftist.

And when we want to critize Fulani and Bloomberg's alliance with her, lets call her what she is, a cult-leader.

This should be a much bigger scandal than it currently is. But i cringe when i read the criticism this does get in the press when it says "extreme leftist" or something liek that,

I just didn't want to see the WFP get sucked into that rhetoric.