Thursday, April 28, 2005

In New York, it's spelled W-F-P

David Sirota asks what happened to the party of the working class.
... an increasing number of Democrats are abandoning the party's traditional working/middle-class base. Adding insult to injury, Roll Call today reports that these turn-coat Democrats demanding an apology from Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for having the nerve to call them out for voting for the credit card industry-written bankruptcy bill - a bill that most rational people know completely sells out average Americans. Yet, as writer Matthew Yglesias correctly notes, "I've yet to hear a good explanation - or even an attempt at an explanation -- from anyone in the 'centrist' faction as to what [Democratic defectors] were doing on the bankruptcy bill" (See Atrios and Dailykos for more on this specific issue).

One simple question jumps out from all this pathetic news: What happened to the Democratic Party, the party that bills itself as representing the middle and working class? Certainly, there are still terrific individual Members of Congress who fight for the middle /working class. But in general, the party is clearly facing an insurgency from people who do not care about average Americans' economic concerns. So the question again: what happened to the Democratic Party - the party that is supposed to fight for regular people? I'd like an answer.

In New York, it's spelled W-F-P.


Anonymous said...

ya'll are real into yourselves, and thats cool I guess, at least we know its all for real.

but this blog is like: Geez, we are really truly great.

remame it "WFP: We're hot shit."

Anonymous said...

If the shoe fits...

Robert said...

What has happened to the Democratic Party is that they promise whatever they want during elections and then when it is time to live up to their promises they don't. Luckily the WFP is around.

Unlike the Dems the WFP has a clear and consistent message. You know what the WFP stands for!

Brian said...

I wholeheartedly support the WFP's legislative agenda. However until it starts running WFP candidates, instead of simply endorsing liberal Democrats, then it will simply be a vehicle rather than a party. Just like the NYS Conservatives.

Anonymous said...

I thought the WFP was suppose to push the Dems to be more progressive on certain issues rather than simply co-opting the most progressive planks of the Dem platform and following on their coattails. It's sad to see the WFP's lack of vision and guts in tackling the progressive issues that are usually ignored by Dems. The slogan should be "WFP: We're not pushing the Democrats, we're following them!"