Tuesday, April 12, 2005

What They Said!

"Unnecessary, irrational and unaffordable." The Washington Post editorial page on eliminating the death tax. Can't say it any clearer.

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Sy Gold said...

With Republicans maintaining tight control of the House it is obviously going to pass there. Thankfully I don't think this will get anywhere in the Senate, where it will be nearly impossible to get 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. With the possible exception of Nelson of Nebraska, I don't think any Democrat will vote for any new tax cuts now. There are also a few remaining fiscally sane Republican Senators like Chafee, Snowe,Collins, McCain etc.that have publicly said that they cannot support any new unfunded tax cuts.

I suspect that the House leadership knows this and is forcing a vote to get Democrats to vote in record for a "tax hike". The Dems need to stay firm and not be intimidated. Let them try to paint them as opposing tax breaks for millionaires while Medicaid is being cut.