Thursday, April 07, 2005

Power Used for Good - Syracuse and the WFP Model

Great news from Syracuse today. It looks like the Common Council will pass the Living Wage bill that was defeated three years ago.

As retribution against one of the Councilors, Mike Atkins, who blocked the bill, the WFP backed a candidate named Tom Seals, who thrashed Atkins on Election Day. As in the David Soares race in Albany* and the Wayne Hall race in Hempstead,** the WFP demonstrated that it could make incumbents pay the ultimate political price for impeding the progressive agenda.

But it's not about vengeance. It's about results. And we see that now in Syracuse. Councilors formerly opposed to the legislation have switched sides and support a bill that will give hundreds of low-income workers a living wage. That's the WFP model.

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* David Soares upset incumbent Albany County DA Paul Clyne on a campaign based on Soares' support for, and Clyne's opposition to reform of the Rockefeller drug laws.

** Wayne Hall upset incumbent Mayor James Garner, running a campaign based on Hall's support and Garner's opposition to Living Wage legislation in the Village of Hempstead.


Anonymous said...

what policy objectives do you have out in Hempstead?

So i know what to look out for.

Anonymous said...

This is what third party politics should be about--winning on the issues that matter to people. Kudos!

Alex Rabb said...

The living wage was a key part of Wayne Hall's campaign. Voters felt strongly that it was unacceptable for now-former Mayor Garner to block a living wage for the lowest-paid Village workers while increasing his own pay year after year.

In addition to the living wage legislation, Mayor Hall will be working to increase access to affordable housing, improve public education, and clean up the Village budget.