Saturday, June 03, 2006

Debate on U.S. Senate nomination starts

The debate over who, if anyone, to nominate for the U.S. Senate has started. Heated debate on both sides.

Bob Master introduced the debate on U.S. Senate by calling for decorum and respect: "I know there are vigorous and passionate views on this topic . . . I know there are different views on this subject, but I also know we can disagree and disagree strenuously and still share common goals at the end of the day."

Members support nominating Hillary Rodham Clinton because they feel she's been a good Senator and don't want to take a symbolic stand against her when we could be working to take back the House.

Members support nominating Jonathan Tasini because he's against the war and against the Patriot Act.

Members support no endorsement because they don't want to endorse Clinton but they also don't want to endorse Tasini because they would rather spend time campaigning on local elections and taking back the House.

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