Monday, June 12, 2006

WFP-TV Featuring Jeff Stark for Senate

Jeff Stark, a leader in the painters union and of the Albany Central Federation of Labor is running for State Senate (the 44th district, against Hugh Farley).

Nice to see that he's highlighting his WFP endorsement in his first tv spot, which begins running on cable on Tuesday, June 13. Watch here or click below.

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Daniel Millstone said...

Has the WFP made decisions about endorsing/running candidates in other races where Republicans hold state senate seats at present?

One of interest is the Hudson River Valley seat being sought by progressive blogger Brian Keeler. The current occupant, Senator Saland, chair of the Senate Education Committee has not been a supporter of fair funding for public schools.

Another, of course, is the Yonkers seat of Nick Spano, who also has been inert on education funding issues (even though Yonkers' Public Schools have been starved for funds). To be fair, Sen. Spano has improved in some ways: he has been a sponsor of your Fair
Share bill as well as the Emergency Contraception Bill.

So, those of us friendly to you are curious to learn what you will do in these two races. Any news?

Steve Perez said...

The 2006 WFP endorsements are online; we have endorsed Brian Keeler.