Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Gift from Congressman McCrery: Privatization Redux

Republican Congressman Jim McCrery from Louisiana is urging the House to take up Social Security privatization again in 2007. It's such a wonderful thought that it's worth repeating. One of the masterminds of 2005's privatization debacle wants to do it all over again.

This is a gift to challengers across the country, including WFP nominees in New York like Mike Arcuri, Eric Massa, Kristen Gillibrand and Jack Davis.

The most recent polling I'm aware of showed President Bush with a 60% disapproval rating on Social Security (AP/Ipsos, January 2006).

There is a reason that, under pressure from the WFP and others, RCCC chair Rep. Tom Reynolds (R-NY) urged his colleagues to walk away from privatization proposals last year. ("[W]e’d be forcing our vulnerables to walk to the plank for nothing," was the paraphrase used in one report.)

McCrery appears to have forgotten that reason.

Gangway! The plank is open!

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