Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good election news in New York's 20th district

Kirsten Gillibrand, the WFP candidate for Congress in CD-20, got some good news - from a poll commissioned by her Republican opponent.

The poll shows Republican incumbent Sleddy Sweeney polling at just 51% in their Congressional race. Sweeney had tried to hide the poll internals (in violation of state law), but was forced to release them.

Gillibrand's favorable rating is at 22% and her unfavorable is at 8%, with 69% of the district not recognizing her name. This early in a campaign, it's expected that the challenger will have low name recognition and it means there's huge growth potential. As more people hear about Kirsten Gillibrand, Sweeney's 51% poll number will drop and she'll move into the lead.

The Times-Union has more on the poll (warning: the article's got a heavy dose of pro-Sweeney spin).

It's going to be an exciting year, will you be with us as we take back the U.S. House?

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