Friday, June 30, 2006

WFP endorsements for 2006

Our local members and activists have interviewed candidates from around the state, asking questions on living wage jobs, affordable housing, better health care, investment in our schools and many other issues important to working families.

Here are the 2006 WFP endorsements. Congratulations to all the endorsed candidates!

And another round of thanks and congratulations to our members for all the time and effort they put into the endorsement process.

Here's more from Working Families Party state co-chair Bob Master:
"The WFP endorsement is like a seal of approval that says, 'these candidates have pledged to fight for the issues that matter most to low-income, working and middle-class New Yorkers – good jobs, good schools and good government.'

The WFP endorses candidates based on members' evaluations of their record of accomplishment and positions on the issues that matter most to working families.

Over the last two months, 206 candidates completed our issue questionnaire, and more than 350 members conducted 182 in-person interviews to make 138 endorsements.

In elections where members were unable to recommend a single candidate as preferable as an advocate for the WFP's issue agenda, no endorsement was made."
The comments are open for your thoughts and questions.

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Bob Aubin said...

Steve could you add Bob Johnson to your congressional races links on the blog? The offical website is


Anonymous said...

What are your plans for the NY-19 election? There are 6 democrats running in the primary and at least two of them are worthy of the Working Families endorsement? Are you sitting out of the primary and endorsing after, are you endorsing before the primary, or are you sitting out of this district?

Daniel Millstone said...

Good question, Anon! I went to the Clearwater's Hudson River Revival, in late June, and heard John Hall sing and spoke w/ him and Hall volunteers. Since then, SEIU endorsed Hall.

I asked Steve P. about WFP plans in this district. He said they planned to wait for the primary results.

Steve Perez said...

Like Daniel said, our members are watching the Kelly race closely and are working hard to support whoever wins the Democratic primary.

Steve Perez said...

Hey Bob, thanks for the heads up, I added that link.

Susan said...

How come you have not endorsed Andrea Stewart Cousins for State Senate? She is perfect on the top issues that WFP works aggressively for, and is good on other issues as well-real drug law reform, death penalty moratorium, protection for tenants and others. I hope that the WFP won't turn out to be a spoiler in this race.

Daniel Millstone said...

Susan, it looks to me as though WFP intends not to endorse Andrea Stuart Cousins. The WFP decision two years ago to endorse Senator Spano made some sense: the WFP delivered an increase in the minimum wage to all of us. Further, the closeness of the election made clear the potential influence of the WFP.

It would be hard for me to understand a neutrality decision this year. Even though Mr. Spano has played a good role in the Senate (He was the sponsor of the Emergency Contraception Bill and the Fair Share Bill), a democratic majority there would be useful too. So If that is where WF is going, I, too, would love to know why.

Steve Perez said...

We're staying neutral in the race between Spano and Stewart-Cousins, though we've endorsed both of them before. It was hotly debated, but our members took notice of the 52,000 low-income day care workers who will now have a chance to move into the middle-class as a result of another bill Spano pushed and decided to stay neutral.

Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, third parties often reach an accomodation with major parties. In New York, for example, the Liberal and Conservative parties have both "sold out" in exchange for favors, and so forth. It is how things are done here in the big Apple.

The WFP endorsement in the 46th AD race brought this sad history of third party "wheeling and dealing" to mind.

When I started in politics, Carmine de Sapio called the shots in the Democratic Party. Things were supposed to change and groups like WFP were supposed to be part of that change.

"Won't get fooled again..."