Saturday, June 03, 2006

Working Families Party endorses Eliot Spitzer for Governor

Everyone's pretty fired up about Eliot Spitzer - the Working Families Party nominee for Governor of the great state of New York. He got a spirited nomination that talked about his work to make sure everyone is treated fairly and used the example of how he stepped in when some businesses weren't paying workers the minimum wage to make sure those businesses followed the law.

Eliot's acceptance speech followed up on that theme in a wide ranging speech that talked about the need to treat everyone fairly, to make sure no one is above or below the law, to make sure our kids get the quality education they need to compete, to make sure we have good jobs here in New York, and the need to reclaim the state and provide leadership to take us where we want to go. Fiery speech, people loved it.

That's it for us, have a good night and Vote Row E!

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