Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Congratulations to the Fingerlakes WFP Chapter

After 3 months of work, the Fingerlakes WFP Chapter held their chapter elections last week.

Congratulations to the Fingerlakes Steering Committee members:
  • Rosemary Rivera from Metro Justice
  • Mike Patterson from Metro Justice
  • community activist Mazie White
  • Dan Power from CWA
  • Frank Besser from PEF
  • Eric Martin from UAW
  • Kevin Kolb from UAW
  • Patrick Christopher from UAW
  • Renee Simmons from UAW
  • Jesse Lenney from Unite HERE!
  • Frank Gehan from Unite HERE!
And a big thank you to Dan Maloney, Tony Bernardo, Eric Martin, Dan Power and Bob Trowski for their leadership in the rebuilding process.

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