Monday, April 23, 2007

WFP Calls for Judicial and Legislative Pay Raises

The Working Families Party agrees with the growing call for judicial pay raises. Calling this an issue that is "fundamentally about valuing government," Working Families Party Executive Director Dan Cantor spoke in support of both judicial and legislative pay raises:
"It's not just that New York State judges haven't gotten a raise in eight years, although that's bad enough. The issue goes deeper.

Public service – both in the judiciary and in our state legislature – is critical if we are going to successfully address the shared challenges that New York faces. Through government we work together to address collective issues, from growing income inequality to climate change, from the crisis of affordable housing in New York City to job loss upstate. And it's through government that we express our common dreams for a decent and just society. So while those who serve in government shouldn't get rich doing it, they should receive compensation that matches the importance of their work.

We have high standards for our government officials, and we'll hold them accountable to those standards. But we also believe in the value of government, and raising judicial and legislative salaries appropriately is fundamentally about valuing government."

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