Thursday, April 05, 2007

Investigate Bob Mirch

The Working Families Party is calling for an investigation into Bob Mirch.

Who is Bob Mirch? Mirch's day job is Commissioner of the Department of Public Works in Troy, a political appointment he got through his real work as a Troy-area political boss. Mirch is nicknamed 3-Job Bob: that's because he's also Republican Majority Leader for the County Legislature and Political Liason for Joe Bruno.

It's as a political boss that Mirch is accused of coercing an employee into recording two fradulent autocalls attacking a pair of City Council candidates. From the Troy Record:
[Colleen Regan] said Mirch, also the Legislature's majority leader, picked her up at the county building in a city vehicle and took her to Crawley's office in City Hall shortly before the 2005 election.

While there, she was made to make two phone calls. In one she pretended to be "Tonya" and said she was sexually harassed by Councilman Bill Dunne, D-District 4, while the two worked at the state Dormitory Authority. In the second she said council candidate Dan Doran stood by while a city staffer stole thousands of dollars.
More here.

We'll know soon if a County Judge will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Mirch, but it looks unlikely that the majority of the Troy City Council will hold Mirch - who helped them get elected - accountable.

The Troy Polloi has (much) more.

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