Monday, April 30, 2007

Honor the Peacemakers

Congratulations go out to the Capital District WFP Chapter. The Chapter honored Congressman Michael McNulty, Albany District Attorney David Soares and Community Activist Charles LaCourt last week at their annual fundraiser. The keynote speaker was Anne Mulderry from September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.

An extra round of applause for the Fundraising Committee. This team of members made the night a HUGE success - turning out 227 Chapter members, local elected officials, labor leaders and peace activists and raising $20,000. Here they are:
  • Mike Iannone for countless hours of phone calls.
  • Ed Hennessy for his dedication in reaching out to labor and proofreading all the honoree bios.
  • Steve Redler for his wealth of experience and willingness to impart all that he knew knew to the rest of the committee.
  • Anita Thayer for her poise under pressure and stressful situations.
  • Nina Esaki for her constant optimism amidst adversity - and willingness to do turnout calls even while at the airport!
  • And "Mike" Michelson who dedicated every spare second to making this event a success, even though she wasn't even ON the committee. Her relationships in the peace community helped with turnout and delivered a phenomenal keynote speaker.
And I want to share the closing lines Anne Mulderry keynote speech:
"I have hoped that the great blessings of freedom that we have been given as citizens of the United States would not be abused, but would be vibrantly employed to urge the citizenry ever further toward our country's highest ideals. The Working Families Party marches under that banner.

I thank you all for doing what you do, and I thank you, too, for inviting me here tonight to be a part of what you do."
It's worth reading the whole speech.

For me, the highlight of the event was when the young lady tending the bar approached me after the program. She told me she hed been moved by our program and asked how she could sign up to become a member. We welcome Yolanda to our Chapter with open arms!

The New York State Working Families Party Spring Gala is this Thursday, May 3rd. Buy your ticket today!

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