Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weather Bad Enough For You?

Global warming is the great challenge of the 21st Century, a crisis at the global, national, state and local levels. Human activity is transforming the climate of the whole planet in ways that endanger economic growth, political stability and human civilization itself.

Just look at our recent weather. Winter seemed like summer. Now our spring is more like winter. And we just got hit with record rain. If we don't get serious about global warming, things will get worse.

But it's not all threat. There's also opportunity.

The WFP is starting local. Local governments actually have an important role to play in dealing with global warming. Local building codes determine the energy efficiency of office buildings and homes. Local governments are major energy consumers. And local governments control many of the daily activities that determine the amount of energy and waste generated by our communities.

Working Families Party members are lobbying local and county elected officials to pass legislation that will reduce carbon emissions and also stimulate the local economy to create good jobs in new "green" industries here in New York. We're pushing policies like green building codes, renewable power standards and energy efficient purchasing standards.

Sign a petition telling your local legislators that good jobs and clean energy is a winning combination.

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stevekindredny said...

I'm just reading a book on the huge changes in NY since the 1974 "budget crisis". It has great statistics on the growth of the rich few and the decline of the "plebes". It also has quotes from the MAC and other insider bodies which have pushed this change. I feel I have new ammo to build the WFP. The book is From Welfare State to Real Estate by Kim Moody (The New Press). I'd love to have a session where people who've read the book can discuss how best to use its powerful information. Steve Kindred