Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maybe Rudy Giuliani Buys Milk at the Dollar Store

Well, that would be one explanation. From the mouth of Rudy Giuliani:
But when asked about more mundane matters - like the price of some basic staples - Giuliani had trouble with a reporter's question.

"A gallon of milk is probably about a $1.50, a loaf of bread about a $1.25, $1.30," he said.

A check of the Web site for D'Agostino supermarket on Manhattan's Upper East Side showed a gallon of milk priced at $4.19 and a loaf of white bread at $2.99 to $3.39. In Montgomery, Ala., a gallon of milk goes for about $3.39 and bread is about $2.
Look, does anyone really expect a guy who made $80,000 from a tsunami relief fundraising event to buy his own milk?

Update: Rudy's hungry for more:
"The mistake that I made was that I mixed up the gallon or the half gallon but you never - or I never - buy a gallon because you can't fit it in your refrigerator," the former mayor said on KRIB in Mason City, Iowa, yesterday.
Does anyone really think Rudy Giuliani has a tiny fridge? Probably the same person who thinks he buys his own milk.

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