Wednesday, March 01, 2006

200 votes and counting!

Over 200 people have cast a vote to name our Health Care Bill! It's still neck and neck, but "Fair Share for Health Care Act" has pulled seven votes ahead of "Health Care Security Act" with "Employer Health Care Responsibility Act" fading but still in striking distance of the two leaders. "Corporate Accountability for Medicaid Spending Act" is way back with only eight votes.

Make your case in the comments section for the bill name that you picked then tell your friends to vote at

Vote today!


Justin Foley said...

Don't be crazy. Haven't you learned anything from Karl Rove? The "Clear Skies" act is a license to pollute. The "No Child Left Behind Act", the "PATRIOT Act" ... take a page from their playbook and see if it works. Think "war is peace" kind of attitude.

I submit the following:
"The Plutrocrat Enrichment Bill"
"The Fend For Your Own Poor Self Act"
"The Disease is a Sign of Natural Selection Bill"

Half the Assembly will line up to sign those without even reading another word.

= Justin

John D. Gorman said...

WFP is a great organization and I trust its judgment. On this one, however,I disagree. By insisting on enlarging health coverage by using the tradional employer based approach merely adds to the fragmentation of health care coverage and will do little to address the millions now uncovered. I sense universal health care in the form of a single payer program, not unlike medicare, is an idea whose time has come and can with a unified effort of all proponents of universal coverage be realized. Vermont is moving toward a single payer system that will include all medicaid, medicare, state and local employees, all employed persons and all those currently not covered to be part of the state-wide program. Why not use your considerable skills and ingenuity to move NY in that direction. John Gorman

Dennis said...

Do you want to scrap the current meager Medicare Part D discount and replace it with 80 percent medication coverage under Medicare Part B?

If you want to send me email please place the word PRIVATE in the subject or it will not reach me. Thank you.


Join the revolution for progressive legislation.



Next time you fax, email or call a senator or representative, include this in with your demand:

Until the legislation or action I demand gets done I will boycott products from Republican contributors Walmart, Wendy's, Outback Steak House, Dominos Pizza, Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Eckerd, CVS and Walgreens, Curves for women health clubs, GE and Exxon/Mobil.

Hold Republican contributors accountable for their officeholders opposition to progress.
Then call each company listed above and demand the CEO get the house of representatives and senate to pass your legislative agenda and the president sign it or they will face a boycott.

So you say that a boycott will take time or will not work?


Idiot conservatives called CBS 3 or 4 years ago in droves to protest the airing of a Reagan movie they did not see but heard that it would not portray Reagan well. They threatened a boycott of CBS and the advertisers.

That did not take long to get CBS to shift the movie over to showtime which had a much smaller viewership.

Many progressives called Sinclair Broadcasting in droves before the 2004 election threatening a boycott of them and their advertisers if they would not take a movie smearing John Kerry off the air. It worked quickly.

If we can get a movie off Sinclair stations then whey can't we call companies in droves that give money to the Republican party and their candidates and Republican senators and representatives and threaten them with a boycott in order to get a comprehensive progressive agenda passed?


People must CALL their senators and representative AND these companies in droves making the connection between a boycott of these companies and a demand that they want a progressive agenda passed in congress.

Do you want to increase the minimum wage?

Write your senators and representative and demand they increase the minimum wage.


Do you want to scrap the current meager Medicare Part D discount and replace it with 80 percent medication coverage under Medicare Part B?

Write your senators and representative.


JW Mason said...


For the long run, we all agree: strengthening the employer-based coverage is not, by itself, enough to solve the health crisis. We need some kind of broader public system (Medicare for kids is one appealing next steps).

That said, we want to pass something this year, in a state with a Republican Senate and Republican Governor, and in an environment where a major expansion in public health spending is not realistic. Fair Share is a way to halt the erosion of employer-based coverage until the time is rght for a more comprehensive approach.