Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How Sweeney Rakes It In

One of the WFP's favorite Albany bloggers, Democracy in Albany (a/k/a DIA), did some digging to explore ways besides skiing and toboganning that the Congressman enjoys fun-raising and fund-raising with Washington lobbyists. DIA discovers events on a yacht and on St. Patrick's Day.

Here's another. Turns out the Congressman likes a good game of Eight-Ball with the K Street crowd:

April 5, 2006
7:00 p.m.
Congressman John Sweeney's 3rd Annual Eight-Ball Tournament
Buffalo Billiards 1330 19th Street NW Washington, DC
Casual Attire $1,000 PACs $500 Personal
Enquiries: 202-302-7678 (Phone) 202-986-5319 (Fax)

Sigh. At least taxpayers aren't paying for this one.

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