Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Friends with benefits takes on a whole new meaning

A story on the front page of today's Wall Street Journal (sorry, subscription required) gives a whole new meaning to the "Sex in the City"-era expression "friends with benefits."

Health insurance is expensive, complex and bureaucratic. These days, it's also sexy. Right up there with washboard abs, a steady job and a fun-loving personality, health coverage is emerging as a hot selling point among online daters. It's especially the case among suitors of a certain age who need, and prize, good benefits the most.

Those who have it sometimes flaunt it as an asset, a sign to potential mates that they are serious, professional and grounded. Others troll for partners with blue-chip policies because they need coverage themselves, or want evidence -- short of asking for a credit report -- that a prospect isn't a slacker.

Funny, yes, but not surprising. This is really just another cultural bellwether of the crisis in coverage.

Expand your horizons in online dating by supporting passage of the Fair Share for Health Care Act. The legislation would ensure that large employers provide decent and affordable benefits to their employees.

For more details, New Yorkers should send an urgent message to your legislator, visit

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