Monday, March 06, 2006

Will Maltese blink?

There's been more movement in the fight to win full funding for New York schools. Endangered Senate Republicans are indicating they might break ranks with Republican Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno and join with Democrats on the issue. Bruno's been trying to cover for his endangered incumbents, but his caucus is inching closer to splitting.

The Assembly Democrats support fully funding the schools, so Republican Senators like Serphin Maltese are the next hurdle to clear.

And Maltese - Bloomberg's #1 target - is feeling the heat. The Politicker quoted Maltese as saying, "The fact of the matter is we are now attempting to work closely with the Mayor and his people to get as much additional funding for the schools as possible." How truthful Maltese is being when he says that may determine how this all plays out.

One thing's for sure, Bruno doesn't help himself achieve his top goal - holding onto his majority - by first saying there isn't $7.4 billion to fund the schools and then saying there's $8.4 billion available for a tax cut.

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