Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Name our Health Care Bill update

Over 350 people have voted for a name for our Health Care Bill! "Fair Share for Health Care Act" is in the lead, followed by "Health Care Security Act" and then "Employer Health Care Responsibility Act". "Corporate Accountability for Medicaid Spending Act" is doing a little more respectably than it had been but is still way behind.

The comments section is open for you to make the case for the bill name you like best.

Keep voting!


socialguy said...

I don't care for any of the titles because I support a single-payer plan. It's time to de-link health insurance to employment. There are so many negatives attached to employer funded insurance.
Single-payer allows for portability, lower administrative costs, more equality of who pays for the care, and will take a big stumbling block away from labor contract negotiations.

Steve Perez said...

Us to, but ensuring secure health coverage for more than 450,000 workers is a worthy goal in itself and - with a Republican Governor and a Republican Senate - we want to do something this year that also builds more momentum.

Anonymous said...

You're swimming upstream on this issue. Employers in export or import-impacted sectors (see GM and Ford)are shedding their health plans because foreign competitors either have national health insurance or no/little employer health insurance--and thus those costs are not in their prices. We need to go in the opposite direction, to a single payer national health insurance system and offload those uncompetitive costs from the business sector. You should be calling on business to get behind such a system for their own self-interest as well as the nation's benefit!

Steve Perez said...

Here's more on why we think now is the time to ensure that no employee of a hugely profitable corporation like Wal-Mart gets dumped on to Medicaid.