Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sleddy Sweeney's Wipeout

Want to hear the sound of a sled crashing? It sounds something like this: The Times Union blog reports that a state investigation has been launched into Rep. John "Sleddy" Sweeney's publicly-subsidized sledding trip to Lake Placid.

Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign is all over it.

From today's Glens Falls Post-Star, here's a list of guests that accompanied Sleddy:

Traveling independently to Lake Placid: U.S. Rep. John Sweeney, R-Clifton Park, Gayle Sweeney (the congressman's wife), Angela Sparks, Wayne Beddoe, Dan Gage, Phil Oliva (former Sweeney aide), Jim Clark (Sweeney aide), Chris Nedwick (Sweeney aide), Jim Adler (Sweeney aide), Tony Scannella.

Traveling to Lake Placid via Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore

U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, Nete Sessions (the congressman's wife), Sean O'Shea, Geoff Gleason, Matthew Trant, Ian Musselman, Bill Teator (aide to former U.S. Rep. Gerald Solomon who later worked in Solomon's lobbying firm), Joe Reiss, Louise Perkins, Bob Bissen, Deborah Bissen, Shawn Smeallie, Ian Steff, Mike Johnson, Garrett Johnson, Thurgood Marshall, Teddi Levy, Steve Bull (USOC government representative), Sherry Turner, Amanda Cernik (Sweeney aide), Sean O'Neill (Sweeney aide), Melissa Carlson (Sweeney aide), Bill Rayball (Sweeney aide), Meredith Curcio, David Taft (Sweeney aide), Vickie Sanville (Sweeney aide), Anne McGuire, Peter Goelz, Maureen Dwyer, John Epting, Bob Okun, Jennifer Taylor, Brad Card (former Sweeney chief of staff, now a lobbyist), Scott Schloegel, Luci Gikovich, Dan Crane, Amanda Parsons, Lisi Kaufman, Robert Van Wicklin, Tim Powers, Ellen Powers, Don McGahn, Creighton Schneck
Sounds like quite a party. Wonder if the gang will be getting together for a game of Eight Ball at the next Sweeney bash. It's a lot safer than sledding.


lennyesq said...

"Thurgood Marshall" is on the list of attendees. is this an actual namesake of the late Justice or some R with a sick sense of humor?

Alex Navarro said...

Could be Thurgood Marshall -- CLinton-era Justice Department official.

Steve Perez said...

Who's up for a game of six degrees of Sleddy Sweeney? If anyone recognizes who the other attendees are, post it in comments.

Anonymous said...

Phil Oliva (former aide to many GOP staffs )
now at the bottom with the other bottom wont take long now!