Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fossella Was Robbed

The New York Press has published its annual list of the 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers (thanks to Gothamist for noticing). There's a lot to disagree with there, but this stood out as an particularly egregious mistake:



Republican Congressman Vito Fossella is actively bucking any tradition of Italians putting family before everything else. As the U.S. representative from Staten Island and Bay Ridge, he has assembled a horrible record on LGBT issues, especially gay marriage—despite the fact that his sister is a lesbian in a long-term, committed relationship with children. Fossella, however, has an even-larger “family” to worry about: the national Republican Party. No one has done more to march in lockstep with the Bush administration than Fossella, who has become one of the most reliable toadies to the Bush agenda anyone could have ever asked for. Fossella has a zero rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America on issues of choice, another zero rating from the American Civil Liberties Union on civil liberties issues. He continually is thrilled with the warrantless wiretaps of American citizens, but he has never dared to utter a critical word on the Iraq war, even though many of his Republican colleagues have. He has been hand in glove with Bush on Social Security “reform.” Fossella is the timid pup to George Bush’s dog-walker. Sure, he has a mean bite, but he’ll only go as far as his master’s leash will allow him.

47?!?!?! Vito was robbed. He's easily top 20 material in our book.

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