Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Crain's covers business support for Fair Share bill

From today's Crain's Insider/Crain's Health Pulse (no link):
"The Working Families Party says that more than 150 businesses signed on to support the Fair Share for Health Care Act after the group sent out an e-mail petition to businesses on Thursday afternoon. Given its pro-labor tilt, the party was unsure of how many businesses were on its e-mail list but estimated that no more than 20 would respond. The message’s reference to Wal-Mart may have hooked some. The bill is opposed by the Business Council and others. Affected firms would be assessed $3 per worker per hour for employee health care; they would have to file paperwork with the state claiming their expenditures to offset the assessment."
If you're a business owner or manager there's still time to sign on to support the Fair Share for Health Care Act.

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