Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Yorkers will decide Congress

It looks increasingly like New York's Congressional races could decide who controls Congress. Here's an update on 4 of the key races.

In CD20, rumors continue to swirl that Sleddy Sweeney will retire as a result of his numerous ethical lapses, including a state investigation into his fancy taxpayer-funded vacation and using his wife to skim money from his campaign contributions. To be fair, Sweeney's most recent filing says he hasn't used his wife to skim money from his campaign contributions for three whole months, but his weakness in the race is still getting national attention (via Capitol Confidential, which is doing a solid job covering this race).

The race for Boehlert's open seat in CD24 figures to be particularly close. Democrats in the race are getting a lot of donations, but Raymond Meier has figured out how to make his money last - he's not paying his bills and he's making his staff "volunteer" so he doesn't have to pay their salary.

In CD26, Travelling Tom Reynolds is being called out for abandoning the district.

In CD29, Randy Kuhl isn't popular in his district and was outfundraised in the last quarter.

And for the commenter who asked about CD3 the other day, the death spiral for national Republicans has brought out a promising challenger to Rep. Peter King in Long Island.

Also, a reminder that our endorsement process has started and our Candidate Endorsement Questionnaire is online - candidate submissions are due May 1.


Civilis said...

Steve, don't forget Sue Kelly in CD 19 she's not popular either I think Charlie Cook thinks the seat can go either way and Spitzer has come out and said It's an important seat to take. Sue Kelly is a filthy disgusting Tom Delay Republican she's awash in his blood money.

Alex Navarro said...


You're right. The playing field seems to be expanding every day.


Bob Aubin said...

We're waging a major grassroots campaign for Dr. Bob Johnson in NY-23 up in the North Country. John McHugh is a right-winger that has been getting a free pass for WAY too long. It would be really great if we could get some more help from Organized Labor with the campaign too. For some reason Unions have been sending money to this Bushie Republican, they need to wake up and stop supporting this guy, because he is definitely NOT on our side!