Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Suffolk supports Fair Share for Health Care Act

Yesterday, the Suffolk County legislature passed a resolution in support of the Fair Share for Health Care Act. Here are some quotes on the resolution:

WFP member and County Legislator Kate Browning (WFP/D) said,
"The Fair Share for Health Care Act will level the playing field for responsible businesses that struggle to compete against large, hugely-profitable employers - like Wal-Mart and Home Depot -– that shirk their responsibility to provide decent health benefits to their employees."
County Legislator Jon Cooper (D/WFP), who also owns Spectronics, a manufacturing business in Westbury, said,
"This is a fight between Responsible Local Businesses that provide decent health benefits and Hugely Profitable Corporate Free-Loaders that try and avoid their responsibility."
Working Families Party Suffolk County chapter co-chair Brian Schneck said,
"No employee of multi-billion dollar companies like Wal-Mart or Home Depot should be forced to go without medical care nor should they be forced to resort to Medicaid. The Suffolk County Legislature should be commended for its leadership for working families."
Thanks go out to Presiding Officer William Lindsay (D/WFP) for leading the charge and pushing this resolution through.


irv feiner said...

at least in Suffolk the WFP makes an effort to popularize, Fair Share for Health Care Act, but in Rockland no such effort despite having a wonderful opportunity to do so.

Just Tuesday there was a public hearing in the town of Ramapo re: Wal-Mart's effort to build , possibly, the largest store in the state. Nobody from WFP showed uo to say the the town should not consider the application unless Wal-Mart agrees in advance that they will honor the priniples of the , Fair Share for Health Care Act.

Despite sufficient notice neither the local or state WFP principles couldn't find the time to make an effort to get to the hearing.

Indifference like this makes this founding member---over 600 signatures on our founding petition---wonder where the committment is?

irv feiner

Steve Perez said...

Right now in Rockland we're going to each legislator's district office to talk to them about the Fair Share for Health Care Act. If anyone wants to come, just post in the comments.

And if you know of upcoming events where we can publicize the bill, be sure to let us know in the comments!