Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Time for a Clean-Up

The Note tells us today:

"New Yorkers for a Cleaner Congress" are holding an 11:00 am ET conference call with reporters to announce the launch of "TravelingTom.com," a Web site which alleges that since 2003 NRCC Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) has taken "more lobbyist-funded luxury trips outside of western New York in the last three years than he has returned home to western New York." LINK

The group will also release a radio ad that "pokes fun" at Rep. Reynolds' "habitual travel" to Pebble Beach, which the group alleges has been "paid for by lobbyists and special interests." The group puts the cost of Rep. Reynolds' Pebble Beach travel at $205,185.

Let's give Jack Davis a broom.

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wnygreen@hotmail.com said...

Can someone explain to me the fascination with this Jack Davis character? The AFL-CIO's own website says he runs a non-union shop with a history of serious OSHA violations. This is the guy that's going to stand up for working men and women? Give me a break. We can do better.